On beginnings...

There it stands

at point zero

between nothing

and everything

at the threshold of light

and night.



and in waiting

holding all possibilities.

from that space flows everything

everything conceived by the mind.

It constructs the world,

stone by stone.

It tears it apart word by word.

There it stands as a granite wall

preventing the honey from flowing.

There it stands


bringing together all possible journeys

to one intersection.

A perpetual offering.

The end and the beginning...

There is language.

There we are

confronted with it

comforted by it

burdened by it

freed by it,

with its slipperiness

and apparent steadiness,

as it gives and takes.

There it stands

shaping life and being

word by word

towards understanding

or misunderstanding

according to our vision or limitation

as we flow, in passing

towards the light

or the night.

If privileged, towards the open space of silence,

in waiting,

at the crossroads of all roads...


Holding Together




Being an artist, I believe, is in itself an expression of hope.  One hopes that there is something relevant to be said or shown, and that possibly, someone one else might be interested in hearing or seeing what we have to share... nothing else can be expected.  There is work to be done. For me, the senses and sensuality are never autonomous of intelligence. Experience is knowledge and vice versa. I always attempt to make that evident in my work. I speak of it in a multiplicity of forms and means, through site, images, forms,  textures, sounds, smells, etc. I use geometric structures metaphorically, nesting organic and abstract elements, for example, as well as fragments, multiples and series that point to a whole. Process and materials can be expressive and sensual and yet incorporate the rational. Interdisciplinary approaches to realize concepts and share my concerns have been present in my work since I was an art student.  I never felt that I could identify myself with only one singular tradition or language. Complexity and flexibility is at the core of my culture and vision of the world.  The interdisciplinary, however, once it becomes the standard and fashionable, can be as oppressive as any other tradition. As an artist I continue to choose the language/s and forms that seem appropriate for my particular projects without concern for any trends in the arts. My work results from observing life as it evolves through me, my contemporaries and the world of my time. I am very interested in observing how we humans process "reality" and make our world what it is, individually or collective. My work reflects my responses to those things that concern me at any time and I attempt to be as honest to the moment and context as I possibly can. An artist grows in public. I am very interested in transformation and whenever possible, my work makes evident that continuity, intersections, disruptions, ruins and new beginnings make us what we are. This can be shown in multiple ways. It can be seen, felt, smelled, painted, drawn, photographed, molded, heard, discarded, forgotten, remembered, retrieved, reshaped, distorted and made evident in infinite ways. Transformation, change, transition and impermanence are among those few things in the world that we can be sure of, and yet often disregard. That in it self is fascinating to me. How we create our world as a reflection of our beliefs and convictions in a continuous struggle to control nature and reality, allow me endless possibilities for learning, showing and sharing my observations, without the pretense of providing any answers.  I just live my life and keep working at my own pace, hoping to make some sense of this journey.

*Holding Together, 1992 - (images and poetry by Judite dos Santos, Visual Studies Workshop Press)