On beginnings...

There it stands

at point zero

between nothing

and everything

at the threshold of light

and night.



and in waiting

holding all possibilities.

from that space flows everything

everything conceived by the mind.

It constructs the world,

stone by stone.

It tears it apart word by word.

There it stands as a granite wall

preventing the honey from flowing.

There it stands


bringing together all possible journeys

to one intersection.

A perpetual offering.

The end and the beginning...

There is language.

There we are

confronted with it

comforted by it

burdened by it

freed by it,

with its slipperiness

and apparent steadiness,

as it gives and takes.

There it stands

shaping life and being

word by word

towards understanding

or misunderstanding

according to our vision or limitation

as we flow, in passing

towards the light

or the night.

If privileged, towards the open space of silence,

in waiting,

at the crossroads of all roads...